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October 21, 2016

Nova Team Welcomes Ben Otto!

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Nova Systems has hired Ben Otto as Application Engineer.  Ben recently graduated from UW-Madison with a dual degree in Electrical Engineering and Theatre.  Ben has assumed many roles in theatre production, including Master Electrician, Master Carpenter, Lighting Designer, and Actor.  Through his time in class and in theatre he has gained experience in troubleshooting and programming that makes him an exciting addition to the Nova engineering team.  Welcome, Ben!

October 17, 2016

Ultra High Efficiency 500 HP Motor Installed

20160915_123618Nova recently successfully completed a 500 HP motor installation on a turbo fan at a  food processing plant, here in
Wisconsin. The motor was an Ultra High Efficiency, permanent magnet synchronous motor controlled by a Control Techniques M700 drive. This was the largest permanent magnet motor installation done with Control Techniques in this area, if not the Midwest. (more…)

September 23, 2016

Profinet Interface to ABB Motiflex e180

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The ABB Motiflex e180 is a high quality servo drive for motion control. However, for many customers, the options in networking such an exceptional drive over Profinet have been limited. Interfacing the e180 over Profinet with a gateway is thing of the past. Nova Systems has successfully developed a working Profinet network, interfacing the ABB Motiflex e180 servo drive and a Siemens PLC.


April 15, 2016

Modicon 984 PLC Systems

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Nova has recently completed a service call on a PLC system which dates back to the mid 1980’s. It is truly a testament to the ruggedness of a piece of electronics to still be working after 30+ years of service on a machine tool. At Nova, we have a Modicon 984 rack and CPU set up to help troubleshoot, modify and test PLC programs and I/O cards. Also, Modicon is still available through the Schneider Electric. There are ways to upgrade to newer models, an economic alternative to throwing everything out and replacing with Brand-X.

If you are having problems with a 984 system, please contact us at 414-771-7800 or

February 20, 2016

Robotic Arm motor drives

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Once again, robust mechanics will outlive the electronics. So, does one throw out the old for the new? In many cases, Nova can help renew original equipment. In a recent service project, we replaced obsolete Infranor motor drives with the latest Infranor product. The replacement drives were shipped next day from factory stock. The original equipment dated back to the 1995 era, but the new drives, with the help of Nova engineering, interfaced seamlessly between the existing motors and the existing Adept controller. Three days after receiving the drives, the system was running.


January 20, 2016

Early Programable Logic Controllers

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IMG_20160119_142730While returning from Cleveland where I had a Modicon 984 service call, I was contemplating a comparison between the 1990’s equipment and the 2016 equipment. Physical size bordered on gargantuan compared to the micro controllers of today. Approximately 400 I/O would take up the space of a 2 foot wide by 5 foot high bay. The system used coax to connect the I/O processor with the Remote I/O processor.

It is interesting how the software, with segments and networks, is remarkably similar to the modern IEC 61131 code in terms of what are now called Program Organization Units (POU). What is most remarkable is that this stuff is still running with the help of EBay and automation collectors.

Having trouble with an old PLC?  Most likely, Nova can help.  For details contact Kenn Anderson at 414-771-4800 ext 1116 or email

December 31, 2015

Extruder Rotary Knife

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Some Goodman Rotary cutters were supplied with Baldor Flex Drives. Those drives are now obsolete. Nova has designed a retrofit using the new ABB Motoflex e180 motion control drive.

For a retrofit of Goodman or other knife drives, contact us at 414-771-4800 or


June 11, 2015

Vacuum Thermoformers

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The latest thermoformer retrofit done by Nova uses an ABB AC500 Programmable Automation Controller. With this equipment, the user can download and save recipes from a SQL database located on a remote server.  An EtherCAT bus provides communications to 3 servo drives using CoDeSys motion libraries. The machine visualization pages are viewed in a browser connected to the onboard web server.

For more info, contact Nova Systems at 414-771-4800 or

May 16, 2015

Thermoformer Index Drives

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Nova Systems has a solution for an obsolete thermoformer chain index drive. Once popular Baldor/Sweo drives can now be upgraded with the next generation ABB (ABB acquired Baldor) servo drives. The existing SMCC motion card can be reused, as can the existing servo motor.

For additional information contact Kenn Anderson at 414-771-4800 ext 1116 or

May 12, 2015


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Many manufacturers of vacuum thermoforming equipment used Veeder-Root counters to control the motion and timing of the index, the form press, the trim press and the stacker. These Veeder-Root counters have been obsolete for some time and are getting harder to find in the surplus market. Nova Systems has successfully engineered a machine upgrade to eliminate the Veeder-Root counter.

For more information contact Kenn Anderson at 414-771-4800 ext 1116 or

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