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October 17, 2016

Ultra High Efficiency 500 HP Motor Installed

20160915_123618Nova recently successfully completed a 500 HP motor installation on a turbo fan at a  food processing plant, here in
Wisconsin. The motor was an Ultra High Efficiency, permanent magnet synchronous motor controlled by a Control Techniques M700 drive. This was the largest permanent magnet motor installation done with Control Techniques in this area, if not the Midwest.

The ultra high efficiency permanent magnet motor can provide a significant energy savings for companies that operate equipment 24/7/365. In this particular case, due to the increased efficiency of the permanent magnet solution, the 3 HP motor cooling fan was completely eliminated, resulting in an immediate energy savings of over $2000.00 per year.

If you have an AC or DC motor application that needs to be updated, or a new project requiring the most energy efficient solution available today, Nova Systems can help.

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