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September 23, 2016

Profinet Interface to ABB Motiflex e180

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The ABB Motiflex e180 is a high quality servo drive for motion control. However, for many customers, the options in networking such an exceptional drive over Profinet have been limited. Interfacing the e180 over Profinet with a gateway is thing of the past. Nova Systems has successfully developed a working Profinet network, interfacing the ABB Motiflex e180 servo drive and a Siemens PLC.

Profinet is a ubiquitous, robust and fast communication protocol that allows for seamless integration of components. Because of this, it has become a leading industry standard for Ethernet data communication.

The Motiflex e180 can be programmed, through ABB’s modern development platform MINT Workbench.  Through the MINT Workbench, it is now possible to communicate with other Profinet devices on an existing Profinet network. The seamless integration is what makes the e180 motion controller such a great match for other Profinet devices, like many of the popular Profinet PLCs available from major brands. Machine control integration with a motion controller over Profinet has never been easier. This network scheme allows our customers to benefit from the versatile motion control performance of a Motiflex e180 without adding additional complexity of more communication protocols.

For more information about Profinet communication with the ABB e180, contact Ibrar Ahmad at 414-771-4800 ext 1117 or


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