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December 2, 2016

Service Work on Old Equipment

Nova's Cable Storage

Nova’s Cable Storage

Nova Systems receives frequent service call requests for work on old or obsolete equipment.  Over the years, Nova has acquired test equipment, software, over 100 different cables and experience that allows our engineers to be able to help service a variety of equipment and manufacturers, old or new.  The following examples involved Omron and Allen Bradley.

We had a couple service calls where the relay output modules on old Omron PLCs were failing.  Nova has been able to repair these relay output modules,

which allows the customer to be able to use the PLC without the immediate need for a replacement.  This has minimized the downtime of the machine.

Another example was a failed Allen Bradley PanelView 1200. Nova was requested to install the spare unit and download the HMI program backup.  The HMI was on a machine that had been previously updated by Nova Systems.  It is Nova’s practice to keep a backup of the software should a problem arise.  This backup was from the late 1990s but was still archived at Nova and able to be downloaded to the spare HMI.  In this case, the customer no longer had a copy of the software backup and was able to benefit from Nova’s software storage system.

If you have older equipment that needs service, contact Nova Systems at 414-771-4800 or


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