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Looking for Technical People

Nova Systems is very busy, the busiest we have ever been! We are evaluating our in-house skill sets and those needed for the new work and will be adding one or two new employees. If you are interested in working for a company that is intellectually challenging (meaning, not the same ol’, same ol’ everyday) and very flexible, let us know. We might be able to find a place for you. Must have a valid Driver’s License and own a vehicle. Send your resume and salary requirements to for consideration.

PC based CNC

Nova Systems is working with a PC based CNC software package. This software runs on a properly configured, PC of your choice.  We suggest using an Intel product as the drivers have been tested with those processors.  Other than that, there are no requirements for special computer hardware.  Depending upon needs, there are CPU to hardware bridges available for bringing in encoders, override pots, etc. This system is perfect for small machine tools and other small automated equipment. Please call Kenn Anderson at 414-771-4800 for more information.

“Value through Intelligent Engineering”