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Retrofitting new Control Systems to existing machines

At some point in time, your equipment will get close to failing or going obsolete, and this can render a manufacturing line useless and burn production time and profitability of a business. NOVA-SI for the last 25yrs has built a reputation for getting onsite quickly, diagnosing and developing new control systems and retrofitting older equipment with new controls and reducing downtime.

The reduction of obsolescence with a new control system retrofit means parts of more readily available for unforeseen failures that might prevent a machine from running. A Retrofit usually increases output performance and reliability and usually increases production capability.

NOVA-SI will be your partner to install, commission and maintain your equipment for years to come. We pride ourselves on building relationships and familiarity with our customer machines to reduce service call time and expense over the long term.

Preventative Maintenance and Control System Backups

Even if Nova Systems Inc is not your go to company for repairs, we offer a service to come out to your location and backup all code and all of the programs incase the worst should happen. We also offer preventative maintenance on systems elements to help prevent them from failing and when something has a short life left, let you know about it.

This gives you the peace of mind and gives you the programs and software code to pass on to your chosen Systems Integrator when you need a new control system or spare part.

It's part of our culture to do what we can to help good people keep their equipment running. Of course we would like Nova to be your choice of Systems Integrator, but we are here to help in stressful situations.


Older Equipment Control Systems Repairs

When the worst does happen Nova is here to help troubleshoot and repair older equipment and have the machine up and running as soon as possible.

We will help our customers identify spare parts and the best course of action for control systems with obsolete components. Sometime Ebay come in handy!