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Nova possesses expertise and experience in a wide variety of industrial computer automation technologies. Our engineers and technicians are experts at providing unique solutions for technical problems, with special expertise in:

Satisfied customers are the key to our success, and we know it. When you call Nova, your needs will be addressed promptly and professionally. There is no project too big or too small, too complicated or too simple. We like to work closely with you, and we feel that no job is complete until your system performs exactly to your specifications and satisfaction.


Nova has developed a team of specialists in all areas of motion control: stand alone servos and drives, PLC based motion, PC and CNC controls. Our team is available to evaluate your application to determine which control scheme would provide the best overall solution. With this approach, you get a system that functions properly and reliably.

Our work on MAAG gear shaping machines is just one example of our demonstrated expertise in motion control. Known worldwide for gear shaping excellence, MAAG gear shaping machines have provided years of dependable service. Keeping your MAAG shapers running around the clock is a necessity to insure timely deliveries to your customers. Avoiding lengthy electrical maintenance downtime requires a sizable investment in hard to find parts.

Nova Systems developed a MAAG machine control retrofit package that replaces the original equipment with current technology and retains the smooth cutting motion of the original control.

The video clip to the right shows shaping tool powered by a 71 KW motor driven by a torque mode AC Vector drive from the command of a CNC controller.



Nova personnel have been involved with Variable Speed Drives (VSD) for over 35 years. In the 1970’s, the DC drive was king. The first AC VSD that we saw was manufactured by Welco, a company that no longer produces drives. A 2 HP drive barely fit into a cabinet that was 24 inches wide by 30 inches tall. Next we saw the age of the 6 step drives from the Accuspede by Emerson Electric to the Parajust by Parametrics. Before too long, the Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) chip was invented and we started working with the original product offering from Yaskawa as marketed through Century Electric.

This rich history of experience with both DC and AC drives is almost unparalleled in the current market. During that time span, Nova engineers have specified and installed drives from ¼ HP to 500 HP across a wide range of industrial applications. From fans to centrifuges, from spindles to conveyors, from test stands to machinery, Nova has been involved.

The years of practical experience with electronic variable speed drives gives Nova the ability to correctly replace a legacy AC drive, whether it be of domestic or foreign design, with a new state-of-the-art device.

Today, Nova engineers work with most major drive manufacturers.



The Nova Systems team has over 50 years of experience spanning both the next generation PLC’s and the PLC’s which are becoming obsolete. We have the software, cables, and experience to work with older models such as the Allen Bradley SLC100/150 or PLC/2 family, the Square D Model 50, or the Furnas/Hitachi PLC and many others. The Nova engineering team is especially adept at recovering legacy PLC code both in Statement List and Ladder Logic formats, and translating that code into newer platforms. By working with many PLC brands, we have developed the foundation of knowledge that enables us to work on any type of PLC. If we don't have the software and cables, but you do, the Nova team can be a backup to your company's maintenance department. Moving toward the future, Nova has embraced the IEC 61131 programming standard using Statement List, Ladder, Function Block, Flow Chart, Sequential Function Chart and Structured Text editors.



As applications have become more data intense and demanding more speed, the embedded PLC processors have given way to Programmable Automation Controllers (PAC’s). Nova has experience with Intel CPU’s running Microsoft Windows operating systems. We have deployed projects based upon the National Instruments Labview platform and also custom applications created in Visual Studio. For high speed mission critical systems, Nova works with both the Linux and the QNX Real Time Operating System (RTOS). We work with the ISaGRAF soft PLC which can be configured to do instant failover to a standby processor. The Nova team has also worked with CoDeSys, KW Software, and TwinCat.



In today’s market, the use of fieldbus networks is becoming more commonplace as a method of reducing wiring costs. Nova has experience working with two of the newest high speed Ethernet based systems, EtherCat and PowerLink. Some of the older, but still useable fieldbus products such as DeviceNet, CAN Open, Modbus/TCP and Profibus are examples of products that Nova has used in past projects. Nova has the experience to select the proper fieldbus, whether land based or wireless, that would be functionally and economically suited for a particular application.



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