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Software/Hardware Training

Personalized programs can be developed to train your employees on operating and maintaining the machine. By reviewing the existing code and/or documentation, only the functions that are used in your application are presented, rather than the entire instruction set. Examples for the lessons will be taken from your actual code, eliminating the leap of understanding usually required when presented with generic examples.


Instruction Manuals may be written for specific audiences: operator, maintenance worker or engineer.

Fast/Emergency Response Support

Located in Milwaukee , Wisconsin , close to the Zoo Interchange at the intersection of I-94 East, I-94 West, I-894 South and US 45 North, the Nova team has quick access to southeastern Wisconsin. For more distant assignments, Nova personnel can depart from Mitchell International Airport. We also have the ability to accept international engagements for control system service.

Upon contacting Nova, your initial call is logged into the Help Desk of our on-line project management system. This allows the service team to keep contemporaneous notes detailing the progress of the service project. In the temporary absence of the primary service contact, other team members can provide updates regarding the project status.

For less critical issues, phone and e-mail support is available.

Complete In-House Test Lab

Our in-house electronic test lab is equipped with a full range of troubleshooting tools, including:

  • Oscilloscopes (Tektronix TDS series)
  • RTD calibrator
  • 4 to 20 mA loop calibrator
  • Tachometer
  • IR thermometer
  • Solder/desolder stations
  • 110V to 575V 3-phase power supplies
  • Huntron tracker
  • RS-232 cable tester
  • Signal generator
  • Power analyzer
  • Micro - Ohmmeter

Nova technicians can test feedback devices such as encoders and resolvers for proper operation.


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