Control Systems Integration

Systems Integration - Manufacturing Process Automation

Implementing a sequential conveyor assembly line, a machine on the assembly line or individual pieces of equipment. NOVA-SI is well positioned and experienced in the design, fabrication and install of new control systems and machines.

PLC, PMAC, PC and embedded controller systems for the plastic forming industry, food and beverage, cutting application, hydraulics, Complex multi axis coordinated motion control and many other industries and technology, NOVA-SI has the talent and experience to deliver to you.

Partnerships with many different manufacturers, distributors and 3rd party companies puts NOVA-SI in a position to accomplish your need.

Contact Nova for details.Email or Call NOVA-SI - 4147714800

Systems Integration - Retrofit Control Systems

At some point in time, your equipment will get close to failing or going obsolete, and this can render a manufacturing line useless and burn production time and profitability of a business. NOVA-SI for the last 25yrs has built a reputation for getting onsite quickly, diagnosing and developing new control systems and retrofitting older equipment with new controls and reducing downtime.

The reduction of obsolescence with a new control system retrofit means parts of more readily available for unforeseen failures that might prevent a machine from running. A Retrofit usually increases output performance and reliability and usually increases production capability.

NOVA-SI will be your partner to install, commission and maintain your equipment for years to come. We pride ourselves on building relationships and familiarity with our customer machines to reduce service call time and expense over the long term.

Contact Nova for details.Email or Call NOVA-SI - 4147714800

Systems Integration - OEM Control Systems Design

NOVA-SI has expertise in developing control systems for new machines for the long term. We help OEM's without the expertise to design and implement their own controls, to have contemporary controls and features designed to help them excel in their product offering space.

With expertise in HMI's, precise motor control using servo's, steppers, variable reluctance motors and many other, robotics, control systems and data analytics, we are a good partner to have for a long term relationship, support and continued development.

OEM's we've served in the past include diamond cutting machines, CNC Machine, Paper cutting and folding, brewer machines, Plastic forming machines and others.

Engineering Services

Engineering Service - Panel design and building

NOVA-SI will design and fabricate panels for companies without the expertise to do this on their own, or for other systems integrators who are already over committed.

Our design team is experienced in panel design and building and for further information please call. 414.771.4800.

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