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If the controls on your equipment need to be serviced or upgraded, or if you need an entirely new system, Nova can help. Our experienced engineers and technicians can:

And much more.

Panel Design & Construction

With our in-house machining capabilities, we are able to completely fabricate your control panel right in our shop using the Lutze LSC Wiring System. This unique system features:


Drive Systems Preventative Maintenance

Besides keeping your drive systems performing at peak levels, regularly scheduled preventative maintenance can detect problem areas and save you costly repairs and downtime. Our comprehensive preventative maintenance inspection can include:

Visual Inspection

  • Remove dust and debris from components and heatsinks
  • Inspect wiring for loose connections
  • Check external blowers and fans for proper operation

Test Motor Control Subsystem

  • Check overcurrent protection
  • Inspect and test dynamic breaking resistors
  • Test insulation resistance of motors

Test Electronic Subsystem

  • Check diagnostics
  • Document and verify all drive parameters
  • Check and calibrate panel meters
  • Check velocity feedback circuits


Test Power Subsystem

  • Check each phase voltage
  • Check control power supplies
  • Measure phase current


Control Systems Renovation and Repair

Thorough Troubleshooting Expertise

To determine the source of your problem, we will:

Control Systems Renovation At Nova, we have extensive experience in repairing:




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