New Product Development - Project Management Consulting

Project Management Consulting

Sometimes it's difficult to know where to start when looking to develop your Project Management Strategy for your NEw Product Development group. NOVA-SI has expertise in taking audit of your current situation, and helping to formulate a strategy to implement Project Management. Consulting is an important step to getting it right, understanding what training and tools you will need and how to clearly articulate the value to executive leadership.

NOVA-SI can help you achieve what you need in setting up, Training, Deploying or updating your PMO.

Project Management Services

An established PMO can sometimes become overwhelmed temporarily, or have a lack of skills and knowledge in a particular area of Project Management from time to time. NOVA-SI is perfectly positioned to be your short term partner for Project Management Services. A Project Manager can be assigned to help you in the short time until you hire the right person, the demand is removed or the missing skills have been passed on to your existing team.

NOVA-SI can help you keep things running under pressure and pass on skills and general help for short periods of time.

Project Management Training

The most important part of a PMO is supporting it's Project Managers with skills, tools, training, process, and an anchor for Project Managers to hold on to in order to keep projects progressing.

NOVA-SI can supply training in many different areas of traditional and more contemporary Project Management.

Tailoring training to your team and culture is essential and NOVA-SI keeps the company culture in mind when developing a training and roll out plan for the PMO Leadership. Aligned to the PMI, you can be assured we are aligned with the industry.

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