Our Niche!

Control systems troubleshooting, repair, retrofits. New control systems integration. New Product Development Project Management consulting and services.

We focus on providing quick response to machine down issues, finding immediate and long term solutions and being an extension of our customers' maintenance group.

Our technology advantages sees Nova being able to work across multiple manufacturers including Omron, Delta Tau, Rockwell Automation, Fanuc, Epson, and others. We can help trouble shoot electromechanical issues with control systems and dive into Ladder Logic and Structured text from today's equipment and legacy equipment.

Our Project Management consulting and services sees Nova working from the ground floor of developing the Product Develop Process from scratch, defining stages gates and methods of management, including Agile, Waterfall and the blending of the two if that's needed. A structured approach to Scope, Budgets and product delivery management using active Risk Management to drive higher success probabilities.

The combination of Project Management and Technology delivery, NOVA-SI has the right skillsets to deliver technology, to a defined timeline and within the costs constraints.