NOVA-SI Product Offering


NOVA-SI Lighthouse

A remote connectivity unit to allow NOVA-SI Engineering to remotely connect and diagnose new and legacy control systems. Reduces downtime and an onsite visit from NOVA-SI Engineering to diagnose and repair faults.

This is the future of diagnosis, repair and data analytics.

Available with a cellular unit and be isolated from your company infrastructure.

NOVA-SI Service Contract

A Service Contract can help spread the cost of keeping on top of service items needed to keep legacy equipment operating. With benefits such as code backups, priority service, reduce hourly rates and included expenses. This is the option to use if you have equipment that could fail at any time, and you could do without the unexpected expenses associated with it.

Service Contracts are offered with or without Lighthouse.

Control System Program Backups

A service product. NOVA-SI will come to your location and create backups of programs and store them and give you a copy. If the worst should happen, then you and Nova will have backups that can be used to resurrect a machine that had failed.

Off the self Thermoformer Controls upgrades.

An off the shelf Thermoformer Controls package to be installed by NOVA-SI or a different third party.

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 Individual Products and Services

Lighthouse - Off the shelf data and remote service and support product

A standard in today's modern control systems. The best in mobile device connectivity for your maintenance team, instant access to your machine data on your mobile device. Included is NOVA-SI's proprietary "Help Me" button getting you and your team immediate controls help from Nova. With remote monitoring comes the added benefit of having an expert immediately able to make changes, update and diagnose your machine control system.

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Thermoformer Controls Upgrade - Off the Shelf Thermoformer Retrofit Controls

Reduce upgrade costs, downtime and obsolescence. Your thermoformer represent a huge investment and when the time comes to reducing your exposure to breakdowns and obsolescence NOVA-SI has a solution for you. An off the shelf solution that can be purchased and installed by Nova Systems Inc or another systems integrator. Designed to be installed on older equipment or new, 120Vac Controls or 24Vdc.

Simply connect, follow the installation wizard for configuration and auto tune the conveyer, heater and trim stations.

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Contact Nova for details and purchase.Email or Call NOVA-SI - 4147714800